About Walker & Laberge

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Henry Walker and George Laberge, the founders of Walker & Laberge Company, had years of experience in the glass industry. They were involved in many well known buildings in New York, such as The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building and Radio City Music Hall. They brought their wealth of knowledge and experience with them to Norfolk, Virginia, in October 1947 when they opened Walker & Laberge Company.


Their pride and expertise in the glass business has been handed down to the generations that have followed and has made Walker & Laberge Company one of the best in their field. The company has been listed as one of the top 50 glass companies in the United States for several years.

Walker & Laberge's trademark is mirrored all over Hampton Roads. It is particularly evident in downtown Norfolk, where the company's signature is stamped on most of the major buildings. As the oldest commercial glass company in the area, Walker & Laberge has been involved in the majority of the glass business in buildings constructed throughout the Hampton Roads area; however, Walker & Laberge Company has not limited their work to just Hampton Roads. Major projects can be seen throughout Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware and Washington, DC.

Walker & Laberge has operations in Norfolk and Newport News, Virginia, and Delmar, Maryland.